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Titanic is very much a folky album. Recorded in Denmark with the help of some Danish and British friends. Some of the songs I had picked up during my first tours in the US around that time. I wrote the song TITANIC well before the big movie of the same name.

1983, Blue Groove BG-3020

Hans Theessink: vocals, guitars, mandolins, fiddles, lapsteel, dulcimer, saz / Per Knudsen: bass, tuba / Mike Whellans: harmonica / Iain Mackintosh: concertina / Imrich Cisar: percussion / John Ehde: cello / Finn Odderskov: bariton sax / John Nørgaard: accordion, jews harp / Andrew John Huddleston, Lissa Ladefoged: backing vocals / Manfred Zangl: snare on "River´s Invitation"