Call Me
 (1992, Blue Groove BG-4020)


· Late Last Night
· Call Me
· Mabellene
· Lonely Days & Lonely Nights
· Soul of Song
· Ain't Got No Home
· The Planet
· New Orleans
· Rock the Boat
· Bluesdoctor
· Cuckoo
· Sail On

Call me cover

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upLate Last Night
(Hans Theessink)

Late last night as I laid sleeping
Dreamt I heard you call my name
Packed my pack - went to the station
For to jump on the fastest train

Mr. Conductorman - Mr. Conductorman
Tell me - what time does your train ride
I'm going to see my baby
Want to see her before daylight

Don't you hear that whistle blowing
Can't you feel that steady roll
This old sound of wheels a-moving
Sure does satisfy my soul

Mr. Conductorman - Mr. Conductorman
Come on - let your whistle blow
When you see her on the platform
Gotta let your train drive slow

Oh my baby - oh my baby
Oh my baby - here I come
Put your loving arms around me
Like the circle 'round the sun

Hans Theessink, Colin Linden, Gray Graig,
Jon Sass & Richard Bell

Hans Theessink: vocals, guitars, dobro
Jon Sass: tuba
Gary Graig: drums
Richard Bell: Hammond B3
Maceo Parker: alto sax
Pee Wee Ellis: tenor sax
Fred Wesley: trombone

upCall Me
(Hans Theessink)

When darkness lies heavy - the night is too long
You need a shoulder - you can lean on
Call me - call me

The words of a lovesong are hurting your soul
Your lover has left you standing out in the cold
Call me - call me

I can't bring you the rainbow
Promise you silver nor gold
Oh but darling - I can reach out a hand to hold

You can't tell your visions from reality
Like a clown that keeps laughing to hide all his tears
Call me - call me

You're walking a highway that got no return
Ain't no way back 'cause your bridges are burnt
Call me - call me

You can count on me - call me
You can count on me - call me
You can call me

You feel like a singer who's lost all his songs
A sailor that's been out upon the ocean too long
Call me - call me

The dreams that you dream can't pull you through
Desillusion keeps following you
Call me - call me

Hans Theessink & Colin Linden

Hans Theessink: vocals, guitar, 12-string slide, mandocello
Jon Sass: tuba
Gary Graig: drums, percussion
Colin Linden: guitar
Richard Bell: Hammond B3, piano
Bobby King, Terry Evans: backing vocals

(Chuck Berry)

Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker & Pee Wee Ellis
Hans Theessink: vocals, guitar
Maceo Parker: alto sax
Pee Wee Ellis: tenor sax
Fred Wesley: trombone
Bobby King, Terry Evans: backing vocals
upLonely Days & Lonely Nights
(Hans Theessink)

Lonely days and lonely nights
Life's been full of misery
I've been crying, crying, crying
Since you walked out on me
Woman - one day you will know
You gotta reap what you sow

I've been watching you baby
Tears in my eyes
See you laughing pretty woman
But some day you'll be crying
You just wait and see
Someone will hurt you like you're hurting me

You've been messing with my heart
Now you're tearing me apart
You've been twisting me around
Put me up and put me down

All you wanted was a toy
A dancing puppet on a string
Used me for your fun and joy
Then you dropped me just like nothing
One day - you just wait and see
Someone will treat you like you treated me

You've been messing ...

Lonely days and lonely nights ...

You've been messing ...

Hans Theessink: vocals, leadguitar
Jon Sass: tuba
Gary Graig: drums
Colin Linden: guitar
Richard Bell: piano
Maceo Parker: alto sax
Pee Wee Ellis: tenor sax
Fred Wesley: trombone
upSoul of Song
(Jon Sass)

Hans Theessink, Colin Linden & Jon Sass
Hans Theessink: vocals, mandolin, national steelbody
Jon Sass: tuba
Gary Graig: drums
Richard Bell: Hammond B3, piano
Maceo Parker: alto sax
Pee Wee Ellis: tenor sax
Fred Wesley: trombone
upAin´t Got No Home
(Woodie Guthrie)

Hans Theessink: vocals, acoustic slide
Colin Linden: acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Morris Goldberg: alto sax
upThe Planet
(Hans Theessink)

Hard times behind us
Hard times ahead
It's a miracle we're still living
It's a wonder we ain't dead
I read it in the paper
Heard it on the news
This old world's in trouble
People - we're all chased by the blues

The planet still keeps turning
Draws a circle 'round the sun
Seasons come and seasons go
What's been done
Can't be made undone

Mother earth is bleeding
She got scars upon her face
She gave us what we needed
We left her in disgrace
Tore away her skin
Dug down into her soul
Mister Greed keeps digging
He's digging far too low

The planet ...

Fires of hate are burning
They're burning everywhere
Man mistreats his fellow-men
We turn our head - don't seem to care
But one day before long
We got to change our ways
Start living like we're meant to
Rainbow race

The planet ...

Hans Theessink: vocals, guitar
Gary Graig: percussion
Morris Goldberg: tinwhistle
Bobby King, Terry Evans: backing vocals
upNew Orleans
(Hans Theessink)

Sixty-one out of Baton Rouge
Down Louisian'
Heading for the gulf of Mexico
Sun is beating - ain't no breeze
Spanish moss from big old trees
Listening to the cajun radio

Going down on the Mississippi Queen
Going down down down to New Orleans

Corner bands on Jackson Square
Music fills the air
Bon temps roulez - let the good times roll
Tipitina's - second line
Irma Thomas, Allen Toussaint
Snooks Eaglin, Doctor John, Fats Domino

Going down ...

Crawfish - much as you can eat
Down on Bourbon Street
Oyster po'boy - best I've ever seen
Melting pot of jazz and soul
Blues and rock 'n roll
Creole gumbo - dirty rice 'n beans

Going down ...

Professor Longhair dead 'n gone
His spirit lingers on
In the crescent city on lake ponchartrain
Feel the rhythm in the street
New Orleans sound - New Orleans beat
Iko Iko and Little Liza Jane

Going down ...

Hans Theessink: vocals, guitar, national steel
Jon Sass: tuba
Gary Graig: drums
Colin Linden: guitar, backing vocals
Richard Bell: piano

Jon Sass & Tuba Fats, New Orleans

...goin' down on The Mississippi Queen...

upRock the Boat

Came a long way to your country
Now you point your gun at me
Got no money - got no papers
I'm as scared as I can be
Don't know where i'm going
But I know I can't go back to where I've been
Now you tell me that the boat is full
And there ain't no room for me

Rock the boat - don't let me down
Rock the boat - don't let me down

Hard times in my homeland
Trouble in my town
Seen oppression - I've seen torture
Seen the blood upon the ground
Had to run for my life
To escape from captivity
Now you tell me that the boat is full
And there ain't no room for me

Rock the boat - don't let me down
Rock the boat - don't let me down

Morris Goldberg

Hans Theessink: vocals, guitar, dobro, mandocello, backing vocals
Jon Sass: tuba
Gary Graig: drums, percussion
Colin Linden: guitar, backing vocals
Richard Bell: Hammond B3
Morris Goldberg: alto sax

(Hans Theessink)

Your mind is troubled - you feel lowdown
Looking for help - can't be found
Here's a number - call anytime
Get the bluesdoctor - on the line

Bluesdoctor - he knows just what you need
Bluesdoctor - puts you back on your feet
With his downhome rhythm he'll soothe your soul
Make you wanna shuffle - wanna rock 'n roll

If you're sick - you can be sure
Bluesdoctor - got the cure
Down in Mississippi - delta land
He's the blueshealer - he's the boogieman

Bluesdoctor ...

Blue note potion - you will feel allright
Stomp your feet - dance all night
Chicago to Paris - whole world 'round
Ain't no cure like that boogie-sound

Bluesdoctor ...

Hans Theessink: vocals, guitars, mandola
Jon Sass: tuba
Gary Graig: drums
Colin Linden: guitars
Bobby King, Terry Evans: backing vocals
(Hans Theessink)

When you hear them cuckoos hollerin' (3x)
Sign of rain - sign of rain

When you hear them woodowls callin' through the night (3x)
Somebody's leavin' this old world behind

When you hear that high 'n lonesome sound (3x)
Somebody's on his last go round

Beg for mercy on your bended knees 'n pray (2x)
Beg for mercy on your knees 'n pray
Ain't nowhere to run to - ain't no hiding place
Beg for mercy on your bended knees 'n pray

Terry Evans, Hans Theessink & Bobbie King

Hans Theessink: vocals, electric 12-string
Bobby King, Terry Evans: backing vocals

upSail On
(Hans Theessink)

I've been sailing ten thousand years
I've been to far off lands - crossed the seven seas
I've seen empires rise - seen the heads of the mighty fall
I shared my bread with peasants - kings and all

My love's in the valley - my love's on the hill
She's the star that leads me - she's the breeze in my sail
Can't wait to kiss her lips - when I set my foot ashore
Can't wait to tell my tales and show you what I have in store

I will sail on - I won't lie down
I will sail on - I won't lie down
My love is waiting on the other shore
I will sail on - I won't lie down

From the Arizona desert I bring you burning sand
Bring you ancient wisdom from the red and yellow man
Bring you tea from China - skin canoe from the eskimo
And sculptures that came to life many years ago

I bring you the river that runs to the sea
I bring you the songs of the man who's fightin' to be free
I bring you the crystal ice from where the arctic winds blow cold
And I bring you the stories that have never been told

I will sail on ...

I bring you the prison-door that locks people in
I bring you the shotgun that killed again and again
I bring you the soldier that died without a name
And the bleeding heart of the woman that lost her man

From Spain I bring you the blood-red wine
Talking drums from Africa and Lebanon pine
From the southern islands I bring you fruit so sweet
I bring you a golden ring as a gift from me

I will sail on ...

Hans Theessink & Garth Hudson

Hans Theessink: vocals, guitar, national steel, harmonica
Gary Graig: percussion
Colin Linden: guitar, backing vocals
Morris Goldberg: tinwhistle
Garth Hudson: accordion
Rick Danko: backing vocals

up What the press said ...

Guitarplayer Magazine, (USA)
Philadelphia City Paper, (USA)
New Music Report, (CAN)
Playboy, (D)
Blues on Air, (AUS)
Fachblatt, (D)
Maxi, (D)
Kölner Express, (D)
Stereo, (D)
Tijdschrift voor blues, (NL)

up Guitarplayer Magazine, USA

You may not think of Europe as a hotbed of the blues, but that's only if you haven't heard the dazzling work of Hans Theessink. Armed with a smokin' repertoire he breathes new life into acoustic blues.

up Philadelphia City Paper, USA

Hans is from Holland, but that doesn't stop him from playing some heartfelt blues. He has internalized this idiom - nothing academic in his fingers, it's all feeling.

up New Music Report, Canada

His in-the-pocket guitarwork makes for unique music. Theessink's knack for making country-blues contemporary should make him a major new artist in the blues world.

up Playboy, D

Als europäischen Ry Cooder hat man den gebürtigen Holländer Hans Theessink schon getauft. Jetzt hat der Mann mit der tiefsten und verrauchtesten Stimme diesseits des Mississippi-Deltas es bestätigt und mit einer Crew der Extraklasse ein echtes Meisterwerk eingespielt. Auf "Call Me" reiht sich Höhepunkt an Höhepunkt - bestimmend bleibt aber die exzellente Saitenarbeit Theessinks.

up Blues on Air, Australia

Adventurous blues fans love him, and even the hard-liners can't help but enjoy Europe's answer to Ry Cooder. Hans has got an instantly recognisable sound and he's also a strong, confident composer, often of songs with a social conscience. Thankfully he never gets preachy or sentimental.

up Fachblatt, D

Hans Theessink legt ein Meisterwerk vor - ein stilistisch nicht festzulegendes, aber spannendes und voll überzeugendes Gebräu aus Blues/Rhythm 'n Blues, Folk, Country und Rock. Oft in Balladenform und mit herrlichen Dobro- und Slide-Klängen veredelt, erinnert die Musik durchaus an Größen vom Schlage eines Ry Cooder: Dieses Album ist eine dicke Empfehlung wert.

up Maxi, D

Seinem Ruf als einer der führenden weißen Blues-Sänger und -Gitarristen macht Hans Theessink alle Ehre mit seinem Album "Call Me". Diese Platte ist ein Meisterwerk! >

up Kölner Express, D

Vorsicht, Suchtgefahr! Eine tolle Platte. Der phantastische Gitarrist mit der tiefen, ausdrucksstarken Stimme, erweckt bei jedem Song Gänsehaut-Gefühle.

up Stereo, D, 8/92

Dies ist ein Ohrenschmaus für all diejenigen, die den älteren Platten von Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal oder Ry Cooder in ihrer Sammlung ein Ehrenplätzchen eingeräumt haben. Der Mann, der ihn serviert, klingt auch so, als hätte er seit früher Kindheit die Luft der Südstaaten eingeatmet. Aber er kommt aus Holland. Die zwölf Songs auf "Call Me", darunter neun Eigenkompositionen, weisen in die Zukunft dessen, was man am ehesten als "Roots"-Musik bezeichnen kann. Dies ist der inspirierten Auswahl der Musiker zuzuschreiben, die an dieser Produktion mitgewirkt haben. Die Backup-Sänger Bobby King und Terry Evans kommen aus der gleichen Ecke wie Theessink. Der Tubaspieler Jon Sass ist hingegen bei den Experimentalisten des Vienna Art Orchestras zu Hause. Zusammen mit den JB Horns gibt er den Arrangements eine Präzision und Klarheit, die die "handgemachte Musik" sonst oft vermissen läßt. Die schönsten Glanzlichter setzt jedoch der südafrikanische Jazzer Morris Goldberg mit seinen einfühlsamen Saxofonsoli und seinem sphärischen Spiel auf der Blechflöte. Zwischen all diesen Elementen ist Theessink mit seinem exquisiten Gitarrenspiel und seinem bluesigen Gesangsstil der ruhende Pol. Fehlt nur noch die Flasche Bourbon und ein guter alter Schaukelstuhl. (Musik: 10 / Klang: 9) (Klaus Federking)

up Tijdschrift voor blues, NL, 8/92

Onze landgenoot Hans Theessink heeft toch aardig wat wapenfeiten op zijn naam staan. Dat produktiviteit en het leveren van kwaliteit hand in hand kunnen gaan, bewijst hij met "Call Me". Zowel muzikaal als produktioneel is dit een zeer hoogstaande CD geworden. Dit is niet in onbelangrijke mate te danken aan de Canadees Colin Linden die hier niet alleen een belangrijke muzikale bijdrage leverde, maar ook – in samenwerking met Theessink – voor de produktie tekende. De term "Eurobluesman" kann definitief het grote bomenbos in. Theessink is geen pure bluesmuzikant, een dergelijke omschrijving is in dit geval te beperkt. Hij is veel meer een assimilator van allerlei, voornamelijk Amerikaanse stijlen. En de blues, per definitie muziek met wortels, speelt daarbij een voorname rol. Ook dit keer krijgt de luisteraar weer een smakelijke muzikale gumbo voorgeschoteld. Op "Call ME" wordt Hans o.a. vokaal bijgestaan door het van Ry Cooder bekende zangduo Bobby King en Terry Evans. Hun prachtige stemmen geven deze CD net dat beetje extra vokale klankkleur. De meeste stukken zij door Hans geschreven, terwijl "Soul of Song" een pennevrucht is van tubaspeler Jon Sass. (Diens tubaspel zit overigens weer geprononceerd in de mix). Verde nog twee covers. De eerste, Mabelline van Chuck Berry, laat horen hoe spannend soberheid kann zijn. Ook de uitvoering van Woody Guthrie’s "Aint got no home" is prachtig. In beide nummers wordt overigens gebruik gemaakt van blazers, die zeer gedisciplineerd het nodige doen. Vakwerk! De eigen composities van Theessink laten horen dat hij zich betrokken voelt bij de natuur en de medemens. Zo handelt "Rock the Boat" over bootvluchtelingen en "The Planet" over de verslechterende toestand waarin de aarde zich, door toedoen van de mens, bevindt. Hans Theessink levert met deze CD een topprestatie af. Ik ben benieuwd of hij in staat zal blijken zijn konstant hoge niveau van de laatste produkties te handhaven. We kunnen trots op hem zijn! (Sjef Hermans-Block)