(1983, Blue Groove BG-3020)


· Weary Blues From Waitin’
· River’s Invitation
· Down Where The Drunkards Roll
· John Hurt - Creole Belle
· Goodbye Monday Blues
· Mississippi You’re On My Mind
· Titanic
· L.A. Freeway
· Shake Hands With The Sun
· Play It Again Sam
· Aragon Mill
· Almost Every Circumstance - Witte Wieve

Titanic cover

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Hans Theessink: vocals, guitars, mandolins, fiddles, lapsteel, dulcimer, saz
Per Knudsen: bass, tuba
Mike Whellans: harmonica
Iain Mackintosh: concertina
Imrich Cisar: percussion
Manfred Zangl: snare on "River´s Invitation"
John Ehde: cello
Finn Odderskov: bariton sax
John Nørgaard: accordion, jews harp
Andrew John Huddleston, Lissa Ladefoged: backing vocals

(Hans Theessink)

That night it all started when the ship began to shake
We were filled with amazement - a little shocked but not afraid
We didn't really understand what caused the water to come in
We had been told this mighty ocean-liner "even god himself couldn't sink"

You took a picture of our child - your hat and your jewelry
And we put on some warm clothes because we thought it might be cold at sea
When we left our cabin we noticed how the water started pouring in
Was it a tear or maybe just a drop of water on your chin

Titanic, Titanic, so proud and so free
Will your grandeur protect us from the cold icy sea

We followed some white arrows with a lifeboat-sign
We had to go onto the first-class deck but no one seemed to mind
Despite the strange situation we all took it quite with ease
Only one of the third-class passengers was behaving foolishly

We talked to a gentleman that we'd met earlier on
He introduced us to his wife - he introduced us to his son
Then the captain said that the lifeboats could not be lowered down
I believe it was because some chains of the hoist could not be found

Titanic, Titanic, so proud and so free ...

We were all invited for a free drink at the bar
We drank to the empire and to good health for us all
The ship was leaning to one side - we felt it sinking quietly
We decided to stay together on board - though many people jumped into the sea

Then the rats left the ship to try and find dry land
But we stayed close together and held each others hand
It was midnight on the water - we could hear the ocean roar
In the lifeboats that were lowered down - there was no room for us anymore

Not a helping hand around in this cold cold night
An iceberg disappearing into the distant morning light
We're watching the last lifeboat as it slowly lowers down
There's many men, women and children left behind - not a helping hand around

Not a helping hand around - not a helping hand around
There's many men, women and children left behind - not a helping hand around

Now the members of the band struck up with "nearer my god to thee"
Somehow banal but in the vain of our time and century
By now we have lost our last tiny bit of hope
We're all going down while the flag is going up

Instrumental extro: "Nearer My God To Thee"

upShake Hands With The Sun
(Hans Theessink)

Bye bye to the concrete - gotta leave this town (2x)
Don't want no city hounds and foxes - always dog me 'round

Oh wee baby, mama do you wanna go (3x)
Baby, do you wanna go
To where the chilly winds don´t blow

I'm gonna sit on the hillside - let the time roll by (2x)
Watch the birds and the bees
And the flowers and the trees
With my feet down in the valley and my head up in the sky

Listen to me mama - let me tell you what we do
If you come along with me - I will sing for you
We won't have to worry - how to get our daywork done
We gonna talk to the moon - shake hands with the sun

Oh wee baby ...