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You won't find a better acoustic blues album (Blues Revue, USA) ------------***---------- Bare to the bone blues brilliance... (Big City Blues, USA) -----------***---------A masterclass in how to play the blues with soul and authenticity. (R2, UK)

2012, CD: BG 2220 / Vinyl: BG 2210

Hans Theessink: voc. guitars, mandolin / Terry Evans: voc. guitar / Ry Cooder: guitars / Arnold McCuller: back.vocals / Willie Greene Jr.: back.vocals

Tracklist: Auf die Titel klicken für Liedtexte und Infos
1Delta Time
2Blues Stay Away From Me
3It Hurts Me Too
4How Come People Act Like That
5The Birds And The Bees
6Build Myself A Home
7Down In Mississippi
8Shelter From The Storm
9I Need Money
10Heaven’s Airplane
11Pouring Water On A Drowning Man
12Honest I Do

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A stunner
Delta Time is superbly recorded to ensnare all of the deep emotional depth of this (mostly) acoustic blues set, tinged with the solar warmth of exquisite gospel harmonies. This is an audiophile gem, offering great image dimensionality, a deep and layered soundstage and best of all, a limpid capturing of each human breath and intonation, which is a joy to behold.
Delta Time also contains some of the most searing blues ballads you will hear in some time. “Blues Stay Away From Me” pits Theessink’s craggy vocals against Evan’s honeyed soulful harmonies, all wrapped up in glowing guitar vestments. And “Down in Mississippi” delivers a slow-burning condemnation of racism that quietly explodes in Evan’s elegiac and angry vocals and the accompanying spare, dignified guitar hits. The crispness of the guitar attacks; the beautiful thickets of vocal harmonies entwining blues and gospel influences – its all here on Delta Time in one glorious burst of blues glory.

- Nelson Brill, HPSoundings (USA) -- June 6th 2013

…. the result is a beautiful fusion of two complimentary human voices producing the sounds of musical magic. Delta Time has a beauty that is impossible to convey in words. Unless you are nothing but blues-rock, person, this is one you should give a listen to. If you are an acoustic guitar and close harmony person, it is a MUST!

- Ian McKenzie, Blues Blast (UK) -- 2012-08-30

Delta Time – A real heavyweight of the genre.
With a combined total of 90 years’ experience behind them, Hans Theessink and Terry Evans are clearly very well placed to present 13 slices of prime Delta Time blues. With Ry Cooder’s trademark guitar also in the mix, Delta Time represents an exemplary showcase of blues and gospel music. The vocal harmonies – between tenor, bass and baritone – are extraordinary and bring real depth and texture to the entire album.

- , (UK) -- 2012-08

Dutch-born, Austrian-treasured and internationally-recognized Hans and legendary Delta-born soul singer Terry Evans are a match made in blues heaven (as was verified for me, live on the 2010 Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise). The album is made without frills – in the main their two guitars support the molasses of Hans’ baritone vocals and the honey-rich counterpoint of Terry’s. There are notable exceptions, though, when Terry’s old boss Ry Cooder adds his trademark slide-licks to three tracks – particularly the beautiful Theessink original “Shelter From The Storm”.

- Alison Dixon, Blues In Britain (UK) -- 2012-09

Killer! – One of the greatest back porch albums to come along this year, this is just one of those too good to be true records, plain and simple.

- , MIDWEST RECORD (USA) -- 2012-09-08

‘Delta Time’ is another seriously good blues trip with country and gospel influences over 60 minutes of engaging music.

- , Blues In The South (UK) -- 2012-09

Evans called in his singing partners, Willie Green Jr, and the amazing  Arnold McCuller, and the backup vocals are killer. Evans tenor vocals with his rhythm guitar match Theesink’s great acoustic guitar work and baritone voice in old-timey fashion. This was a labor of love as is listening to it.

- , WFHB Radio (USA) -- 2012-09

Maar gans het Delta gebied wasemt herinneringen uit met al die magische stemmen van blueslegendes die uit het niets lijken op te stijgen. Zowel Hans als Terry, diep doordrongen van het impact van het Mississippi erfgoed, weten met hun expressieve zang, immer doorleefd, zowel beelden als emoties op te roepen. En waar zij het onzegbare raken nemen de gitaren het van hen ove

- , Rootstime (B) -- 2012-09

Loving this record…great stuff…many spins…many

- Joe Fitz, WDST (USA) -- 2012-09

Terry Evans plays electric guitar and his use of bar chords and rhythmic strumming gives a deep and groove-filled bottom while Theesink plays the more complex finger picking and lead on his 6 and 12 string acoustics – the result is simply gorgeous and utterly easy to listen to: Delicious acoustic-style Blues, laden with soul and groove and harking back to a time when you did not shout just to be heard. Delta Time is destined to be a classic.
Performance   10/10
Sound              10/10
Satisfaction     10/10

- Andy Snipper, (UK) -- 2012-09

‘Down In Mississippi’ is dark. A walking Blues with Terry Evans telling JB Lenoir’s story with incredible soul. If you listen to this number without developing a prickly sensation down your back then there is something missing in your soul and you probably need to have it checked. The insistent heartbeat footstomp underpins his playing and the vocal performance is superb.

- Andy Snipper, (UK) -- 2012-09

Other guests included singer Willie Green Jr. and Arnold McCuller who contributed goosebump raising harmonies together with Terry Evans. All in all Delta Time features 13 of these songs. Earthy blues, original and full of emotional beauty. Two (or three) guitars, some voices like raw silk, and a shipload full of musical talent. That’s all it takes to make wonderful (blues) music. Music that captured its audience a hundred years ago, captures its audience today, and will still do so in another hundred years.

- , Vienna International (Österreich) -- 2012-09

  ..Hans Theessink & Terry Evans -Delta Time is one of the best acoustic sets I’ve heard in a while. These two veteran blues cats work extremely well together…

- John Reisz, WDPS 89.5 FM “Blues All Over The Place” () --

Loving this album, reminding me very much of favorite tracks in the Ry Cooder discography.  The solid grooves without percussion instruments are a big plus.

- Dave Gallaher, WLRH (USA) -- 2012-09-22

10 OUT OF 10
Today you can get your hands on one of the very best albums of this year. Dutch blues artist Hans Theessink and US gospel-soul artist Terry Evans have joined forces to deliver a mighty good listen on all 13 tracks of “Delta Time.” It has hardly been off my CD player.
The material is worthy of two huge talents such as Theessink and Evans, who co-produced the album, but the vocals here are way beyond good. I speak not just of Mr T and Mr E. The master stroke was in getting Terry’s mates Willie Greene Jr and Arnold McCuller to join in the fun and add their vocal chops. All I can say is; Wow. If you love gospel-drenched blues and close harmonies, you will be in absolute heaven here.

The album really is one of those rare times when you cannot find a dodgy track and you will be hard pushed to choose a favourite; a different one rising to the surface on each listen.

I’ll bet ya this one will pick up a gong or two next year, and it sure does deserve to. Glorious or should I say, “a belter from the Delta.” Maybe we’ll stick to “glorious!”

- Simon Redley, BLUES AND SOUL MAGAZINE (UK) -- 2012-09

Without question, this is my favorite cd of the year so far.  It’ll be hitting my playlists for sure – many times.

- Larry, KVMR (USA) -- 2012-09

The album moves at the easy pace of a river through the Deep South, the musicianship understated but classy throughout. A must hear for deep blues fans.

- , Guitarist (UK) -- 2012-10

The Delta Time CD is one of the best I’ve heard. It’s truly outstanding.

- Stan Bindell, KUYI , AZ (USA) -- 2012-10

On “Blues Stay Away From Me”—Ry Cooder lends his formidable guitar to Theessink’s rich baritone, and the result is as soulful a rendition of that seminal song as you’re ever going to hear. Theessink’s and Evans’ vocal harmonies are likely to transport you down to the Mississippi delta on a warm night, when the ribs are about ready and the whippoorwills announce that evening’s coming on. I can’t recall the last blues album I heard as good as this one, but it could have been that last one Theessink did.

- Jaime O'Neill, Chico Music Review (USA) -- 2012-09-27

Delta Time is a feast for fans of blues and roots music and an album full of emotional depth. The quality of the teamwork between the duo and the guest musicians is epic. Delta Time takes the depth of the soul and wrings it out with a groove and melody that you can’t help but respond to. The chemistry between Hans and Terry is palpable in every note. Their love of music and their ability to combine their ample talents again makes Delta Time a masterpiece.


- , Blues Festival E-Guide (USA) -- 2012-10-05

An absolute musical jewel is the best way I can describe the newest Hans Theessink & Terry Evans release, “Delta Time”.  ”Delta Time” marks the second collaboration of these immense musical titans who brought every bit of their combined 90+ years of living and playing the blues to the table. Add in the combined experience of Ry Cooder, and the rest of the supporting cast and what we have here is nothing less then a rare musical masterpiece, one that has quickly climbed the ladder as one of 2012′s best releases. I have no problem enthusiastically giving “Delta Time” my highest rating of 5 Stars

- John Vermilyea, Blues Underground Network (Canada) -- 2012-10

Delta Time is a delight from beginning to end.

- , West Michigan Blues Society (USA) -- 2012-10

Met intieme down home fingerpicking, ingetogen gitaren en ademloze maar expressieve vocals is ‘Delta Time’ een aanrader van formaat. Een ware openbaring in het elektrische bluestijdperk.

- Philip Verhaege, Keys and Chords (B) -- 2012-09-24

The first duo album from Hans Theessink and Terry Evans was the wonderful “Visions”, and it’s a pleasure to report that their follow-up “Delta Time” is another gem . . .
Hans Theessink and Terry Evans both have tremendous voices that cover several ranges, and another treat on “Delta Time” is the presence of Arnold McCuller and Willie Greene Jr. on backing vocals, to form a male vocal trio with Evans . . . thus the vocal work is as standout as the exemplary guitar work, on this supremely classy and highly recommended album from two masters of the blues and roots genre.

- Grahame Rhodes, Bluesinthenorthwest (UK) -- 2012-10-07

Hans’ performances match the stellar material with scintillating licks on guitar, mandolin and banjo that co-star Terry Evans augments with rhythmic chords – and Ry Cooder even drops in on three tracks to add his particular bit of genius!
The vocals are superb too: Theessink’s deep, reverberating growl is juxtaposed with Evans’ amazing vocal range and then, whenever more vocal power is required, Willie Greene jr. and Arnold McCuller step in to help shake the rafters.
Hans Theessink is incapable of having any involvement with a record that isn’t stuffed with high quality material, excellent musicianship and beautifully arranged vocals. Buy with confidence! KS

- , Properganda (UK) -- 2012-10

DELTA  TIME  is  simply  fantastic: so fine, natural and heartfelt , with  marvellous  songs  – originals and covers -  It’s  not  only  music, but  A  DREAM COME  TRUE!  The interplay  between  guitars  and vocals  is  PURE  GOLD!

- Roberto Rossi, Presenter Mystery Train (Italia) -- 2012-09-27

Hans, I love the new album and am playing tracks off of the album on my radio show Sunday Morning Soul.

- Johnny Max, Sunday Morning Soul, The Haze FM (USA) -- 2012-10-06

You know an album is going to take you places when the first few chords and notes give you goose bumps. This album did that and more. From the opening title track Delta Time, the intricate plucking and playing paired with the sweet as sugared cream molasses voice had me rolling my shoulders, swinging my hips and moving before I knew what had hit me. The rest of the album followed and I lost myself for a while in its seductive roots feel.

The quality of the teamwork between the duo and the guest musicians is epic. It takes the depth of the soul and wrings it out with a groove and melody that you can’t help but respond to. Nobody plays the blues better.

- Dana Wright, Muzikreviews (USA) -- 2012-09-25

Theessink og Evans mødes i et intenst duosamarbejde, hvor Evans klare gospel-vokal er et passende match til Theessink’s varme baggårdsstemme. Det  her er ren og uforfalsket organisk blues af fineste klasse. Det er støvet og sumpet deltablues, der står i gæld til Mississippi, Louisiana and the southern spirit. Delta time er en stor bluesplade med en selvsikker bluesguitar og de lækreste bluesvokaler.

- Niels Overgård, Jazznyt (Denmark) -- 2012-09-27

“Blues Stay Away From Me” has Cooder ghosting along in the background with some ethereal slide work while Evans and Theessink add beatific vocal harmonies. “Shelter From the Storm,”has Theessink rumbling around in the basement offering his intended beloved a harbor in his arms. Cooder’s accompaniment is so pretty it brings tears to your eyes.

The stripped down, bare-bones acoustic version of “Pouring Water On a Drownin’ Man.”is as soulful as James Carr’s electric classic. Even if Evans’ worshipfully shouted “Woo Lawds” are used in a secular sense, it’s still heavenly,

Evans’ revelation of the man-hunting history of his home state on “Down In Mississippi” has had its electricity turned off, but there’s still plenty of power. This version is even starker than the original, with Theessink’s tasteful slide underscoring the grim lyrics and Evans’ gravely shouts of praise for being delivered from a similar fate.

- Grant Britt, No Depression Magazine (USA) -- 2012-09

Waar Terry Evans ritmisch ondersteunend speelt op zijn gitaar, beantwoordt Hans Theessink het spel met zijn uiterst accurate fingerpicking kwaliteiten. Waar Theessink met zijn donkere stem de luisteraar weet te bezweren, brengt het vocale kunnen van Evans ons in vervoering met zijn sublieme gevoel voor soul.
Met een aantal klassiekers, geschreven in tijden van weleer, afgewisseld door nummers, uit de kundige pen van Hans Theessink is Delta Time een absolute opluistering voor de platenkast. Er zijn een hoop artiesten in ons land die hard hun best doen om het genre levend te houden, zoals is gebleken bij de afgelopen Dutch Blues Awards bijvoorbeeld, maar de onbetwiste keizer is voor mij toch nog steeds Hans Theessink. Hopelijk voelt hij zich in Oostenrijk ook nog een beetje verbonden met ons en zal hij Nederland zo af en toe nog met een bezoekje blijven vereren.

- Imco Ceelen, bluesmagazine (NL) -- 2012-10-09

Theessinks bløde, tilbagelænede bariton passer som fod i hose til Evans’ dybe, mørke gospelstemme og med god støtte i baggrunden af Arnold McCuller og Willie Green Jr. på halvdelen af sangene synger de med smittende intensitet og energi, så man let føler sig hensat til det deltaområde, der har leveret titel til pladen. De akkompaneres af deres egne akustiske og elektriske guitarer og får hjælp på tre numre af legenden Ry Cooder. Cooder lægger med sit guitarspil et umiskendelige touch til pladen. Sammen med de to backingsangere er ekstra smagsforstærkende og -udvidende krydderier til duoens egne suveræne udfoldelser, der dog sagtens kunne stå alene. Hvis man er til the blues, så kan Delta Time kun varmt anbefales.

- , CAPAC (Denmark) -- 2012-09-20

CD van de maand

De vocale harmoniën van Evans en Theessink gaan perfect samen en vanaf het gelijknamige titel- openingsnummer Delta Time wordt je acuut ingepakt en zit je midden in de Delta. Het is gewoonweg niet uit te leggen hoe goed deze cd is; dit is in ieder geval Delta Blues van de eerste orde! Gewoon zelf gaan kopen dus.


In ‘Blues stay away from me’ worden we o.a. getrakteerd op de super-subtiele slide klanken van Ry, evenals in ‘How come people act like that’, maar hij overtreft zichzelf in ‘Shelter from the storm’ waarin hij een droefenis uit zijn slide-gitaar haalt zoals alleen Ry Cooder dat kan. Maar ook Theessink is een klasse apart met zijn subtiele gitaar- mandoline- en harmonicaspel . Hij weet de meest platgespeelde traditionals zo naar zijn hand te zetten dat het echte Theessink-nummers worden en klinken alsof ze vers van de warme bakker zijn.

- Dr.Groove, Stichting Rhythm & Blues Breda (NL) -- 2012-10

I received Delta Time and have played it every show in the hours with the most listeners. Excellent cd, such a pleasure to hear and promote.

- Mara Noelle aka Ruby Slippers, KVMR (USA) -- 2012-09-27

Een fantastisch mooi album. Hans Theessink en Terry Evans behoren bij die weinige artiesten die geen opsmuk en gedoe nodig hebben om mooie en veelzeggende muziek te maken. Een absolute aanrader.

- , Barnowlblues (NL) -- 2012-09-30

Do you think that a guy named Hans Theessink can’t play (or sing, or write) the blues? Think again. This guy has been doing it for 40 years now, and on this album he’s teamed up with Mississippian bluesman Terry Evans, guitar legend Ry Cooder, and gospelly backup singers Willie Greene Jr. and Arnold McCuller to create an album of quietly intense, deeply Delta-styled blues originals and covers. Both Evans and Theessink are excellent guitarists and singers, and Cooder’s presence is a real bonus. Brilliant overall.

- , CD Hotlist (USA) -- 2012-10-02

Intieme, intense eigen songs en klassiekers, geinspireerd gespeeld en gezongen – onopgesmukte roots en blues van de beste kwaliteit.

- Ruud Heijjer, Heaven (NL) -- 2012-11

Delta Time is fantastic. Hans Theesink along with Terry Evans and associated Ryoma Cooder on guitar in songs: Blues Stay Away From Me, How Come People Act Like That and Shelter From The Storm, made an album that will definitely make another nomination for the BMA, in the category acoustic or traditional album of the year. Find out why!

- Mladen Loncar, (Croatia) -- 2012-09

Top-notch recording and mixing to tape by Andrew Bush at Grandma’s Warehouse further enhanced the front-porch vibe, and mastering by Gavin Lurssen put the icing on the cake.

- , Good New Music (USA) -- 2012-10-15

Stripped down and intimate these cats have given us a taste of the sounds of rural Blues that echo the pain and feelings of the soul laid bare. Opening with the title track “Delta Time’ they lay the foundation of what is to be a magnificent journey to a whole new take on traditional blues. Classic yet contemporary, fresh as farm produce but with roots deep in the delta that makes this a timeless release and sure to garner some awards from the Blues community this year.

- Chefjimi Patricola, BLUES 411 (USA) -- 2012-10-22

Evans keeps steady time on a low-volume electric guitar, as does the Dutchman with his bare foot on the studio floor while picking intricate rural blues patterns and soloing on an acoustic instrument.

Their vocal blends have unique warmth, and at times bring Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee to mind. They’re joined on five other selections by singers Willie Greene Jr. and Arnold McCuller to create quartet-style harmonies that work hauntingly well.

- Lee Hildebrand, Living Blues (USA) -- 2012-10

“Delta Time” is voor mij een van de beste albums van het jaar. Het is een album dat klinkt als de spreekwoordelijke klok en lijkt een prijs winnaar.

Het is prachtig om te horen hoe mooi Hans donkere stem kleurt met het soulvolle stemgeluid van Terry. Helemaal feest wordt het als de stemmen van Arnold McCuller en Willie Greene Jr. zich als backing vocals bij het duo voegen en mijn gehoorbeentjes nog enthousiaster gaan trillen.

- Harm Lutke, Bluesrockpagina (NL) -- 2012-10-24

Some of the greatest champions of ‘Americana’ aren’t American at all; Dutch guitarist/singer/songwriter Hans Theessink has spent his entire career – some 40-odd years on the road, with more than twenty recordings – celebrating American roots music. On Delta Time, he teams up with Terry Evans, a deep soul/blues singer best known for his work with Ry Cooder, for an immaculately performed set of blues, soul, and gospel gems.
Ultimately this is the sound of two masters, tackling beloved material with a relaxed, assured approach. In its own quiet, unassuming way, this one’s a bit of a masterpiece.

- John Taylor, Blindedbysound (USA) -- 2012-10-23

Their combination of blues, soul and gospel is an absolute delight. Even better, when Arnold McCuller and Willie Greene Jr. join in to form a male vocal trio with Terry Evans, it’s like listening to something rather otherworldly. The music is nigh on faultless; and frankly, I don’t see how this record could have been any better. I urge you to check it out immediately.

- , Zeitgeist (UK) -- 2012-10-26

European roots and blues institution Hans Theessink once again teams up with Vicksburg, Mississippi native Terry Evans on a set of timeless blues, sacred and soul related music. The appealing, chemistry-rich combination of Theessink’s expressively sonourous baritone and unmistakable guitar work in tandem with Evans’ ardently deep, gospel-informed singing, results in a contagious vibe that wends its magical way through bare to the bone blues brilliance. The duo’s first project, Visions from 2008 is also highly recommended.

Bare to the bone blues brilliance…

- Gary von Tersch, Big City Blues (USA) -- 2012-10

Samen met zijn oude maat Terry Evans heeft Hans een plaat vol elementaire folkblues gemaakt. Delta Time is een klassieker in het oeuvre van Hans Theessink.

- Harry de Jong, Revolver's Lust for Life (NL) -- 2012-11

Delta Time is a marvelous disc from start to finish with its relaxed setting, warm vocals, and stellar fretwork, and is a must-have for fans of acoustic blues guitar.

- Graham Clarke, Blues Bytes (USA) -- 2012-10

Delta Time is een hartverwarmend album, dat je alleen met een brede glimlach kunt beluisteren, en dus een absolute aanrader voor bluesfans.

- Holly Moors, Moorsmagazine (NL) -- 2012-11

Lately our desk at Music News Nashville has seen an abundance of Blues-related discs. While each does have their strong points, I have to tell you that this is the best one I have heard in quite some time. You can feel the passion and power immediately. The harmony that these two possess is a definite musical gift, as is their instrumental prowess. This one will definitely leave you entertained – and then some!

- Chuck Dauphin, Musicnews Nashville (USA) -- 2012-11-24

Delta Time ist schlicht der “Hammer”, tontechnisch wie künstlerisch. Die Blues-brüder, der weiße niederländische Wahlwiener und der Schwarze aus dem Mississippi-Delta, spielen erneut kongenial zusammen. Herausragendes Stück einer herausragenden Platte der hohen Bluespriester ist das fast elfminutige “Mississippi” made by Theessink, in dem allen großmeistern des legendären Musikstroms gehuldigt werden.

- Michael Schaust, Jazz Podium (Deutschland) -- 2012-11

Ein unfassbar entspannt groovendes, akustisches Blues-Folk-Soul Album.

- , Kurier (Österreich) -- 2012-10-28

cool  – Blues-Geheimtipp   

Da ist zum einen die betörende Reduktion. Es reichen drei Gitarren, zwei Stimmen und der Faktor Zeit. Zeitlose Mucke, die das 12-taktige Bluesschema generations-übergreifend zum Hort von Reue und Demut fortschreibt. 13 Tracks, schnörkellos cool!

- Heinz W. Arndt, WAZ (Deutschland) -- 2012-11-07

Mit ihrem zweiten gemeinsamen Album „Delta Time“ haben Hans Theesink und Terry Evans eines der besten akustischen Bluesalben 2012 veröffentlicht. Was die beiden in einem Studio in Kalifornien aufgenommen haben, ist Blues von allerhöchster Güte: Musikalisch sowieso, aber auch von der Ernsthaftigkeit, mit der die beiden Sänger und Gitarristen Klassiker und neue Songs interpretieren erzeugt wahlweise Gänsehaut, Fingerschnippen oder Tränen in den Augen: Blues ist eben nur dann wirklich Blues, wenn er den Menschen (als Musiker und als Hörer) im tiefsten Inneren seines Seins ergreift……
Ein absoluter Pflichtkauf für jeden Bluesfan!

- Bluespfaffe, (Deutschland) -- 2012-10

Diese total herrliche und total herbstliche Platte von Hans Theessink und Terry Evans stampft und tänzelt dampfend durch die Herbststürme, hält unsere Laune hoch und unseren Beat steady. Aufge­nommen haben sie es in Kalifornien. Arnold McCuller und Willie Greene Jr. singen da brunnentiefe Harmonien und, ja, echt, Ry Cooder, spielt jaulende elektrische Slides dazu, Amen.

- Ernst Molden, Kurier (Österreich) -- 2012-10-12

Die zweite Zusammenarbeit der beiden Bluesbrothers! Ein zündendes Bluesalbum und Ry Cooder ist auch mit von der Partie.Gitarrenherz, was willst du mehr.

- Wolfgang Burgstaller, Klagenfurt Zeitung (Österreich) -- 2012-10-24

Hans Und Terry haben in L.A. ein zweites gemeinsames Album voller emotionalem Tiefgang eingespielt. Ry Cooder steuerte phänomenale Gitarren-Sounds bei und Gospel-bluesige Verstärkung der Extra-klasse kommt von Willie Greene Jr. und Arnold McCuller.

- , media biz (Österreich) -- 2012-09

Vier Jahre nach ihrem gemeinsamen Album „Visions“ folgt das nächste Meisterwerk der beiden „Bluesmen“. Dass die beiden Künstler die perfekte Harmonie gefunden haben, kann man nicht nur deutlich hören, man kann es auch fühlen. Mit dem Opener „Delta Time“ ist man sofort mitten drin, schließt die Augen und geht mit den Musikern auf eine abwechslungsreiche Reise. Mit dabei haben sie einen hervorragenden Tontechniker und ebenso großartige Gast-Musiker wie Ry Cooder oder Willie Greene Jr. Und Arnold McCuller. 13 Songs, die Blues-Fans begeistern. Ohne Zweifel.

- Petra Ortner, Mostviertel Magazin (Österreich) -- 2012-10-17

5 Sterne
Eine auf das Wesentliche reduzierte, intime Aufnahme, wobei die ausdrucksstarken Stimmen und Gitarren wunderbar zur Geltung kommen, u.a. mit Ry Cooder.

- , Kurier (Österreich) -- 2012-09-16

Klar, luftig, ohne Firlefanz ist DELTA TIME von packender Reife, Tiefe und Schönheit und nimmt den Hörer von seinem heimische Sofa aus mit auf die Veranda “Down In Mississippi”.

- Ralf Deckert, Schwarzwälder Bote (Deutschland) -- 2012-09-20

Das Album wird mit dem Titelsong eröffnet und wenn die Männer ihre Stimmen nach der groovenden Gitarreneinleitung erheben, ist definitiv die erste Gänsehaut angesagt. Hammer, welch eine Stimmung!

Hans Theessink und Terry Evans haben mit “Delta Time” ein beeindruckend-zeitloses Album veröffentlicht und bestimmt wird es in anderen Zusammenhängen noch viel von sich reden machen.

- Joachim Brookes, Rocktimes (Deutschland) -- 2012-09-28

Theesink’s tiefe Bassstimme und Terry Evans variablere Stimme ergänzen sich fantastisch. Was meiner Meinung nach der hervor-stechendste Aspekt dieser wunderbaren Aufnahmen ist, ist der Gesang. Einfach absolut herrlich!! 

- , BluesRoad (Deutschland) -- 2012-10

Was da an Sechs-Saiten-Finesse, stimmlicher Brillanz und tiefstem Südstaaten-Feeling zusammenkommt, lässt sich in keiner Maßeinheit ausdrücken. Man sollte zum Kauf von „Delta Time“ gesetzlich verpflichtet werden.

- , Global-mojo (Deutschland) -- 2012-10

In Summe sind auf „Delta Time“ dreizehn Gänsehautsongs. Erdiger Blues, ursprünglich und voller emotionaler Schönheit. Zwei (bis drei) Gitarren, ein paar rauseidige Stimmen und eine Schiffsladung voll Musikalität. Mehr braucht es nicht, um wundervolle (Blues)Musik zu machen. Musik, die ihr Publikum vor hundert Jahren begeistert hat, die ihr Publikum heute begeistert und das auch in hundert Jahren noch tun wird.

- , Wien International (Österreich) -- 2012-09

Musik: 4,5 von 5 Sterne

Klang: 4 von 5 Sterne

Seit Ry Cooders “Crossroads”-Soundtrack haben nur wenige Platten für Momente die große Ära des Delta Blues so lebendig wiederauferstehen lassen wie diese.

- Franz Schöler, STEREO (Deutschland) -- 2012-11