Johnny & The Devil

CD: BG-2020


Hans Theessink: vocal, guitars, mandolin, mandola, mandocello, fiddle, harmonica, jew’s harp
Jon Sass: tuba
Alex Munkas: drums, percussion
Chris Haig: fiddle
Carl Kaye: pedal steel
Geraint Watkins: accordeon
Bummi Fian: trumpet
Christian Radovan: trombone
Wolfgang Puschnig: alto sax
Christian Dozzler: harmonica
Jatinder Thakur: tablas, sitar
Pippa Armstrong, Alee Thelfa, Dorretta Carter, Bobby Hammer, Jon Sass, Schiffkowitz, Timischl, Steinbäcker: backing vocals

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Hans’ innovative interpretations of works by bluesgiants, his deep voice, intimate approach, and acoustic slide guitar will inevitably remind many listeners of Ry Cooder’s blues style. It would be a disservice to Theessink however, to cast him as a simple imitator, for he is not. His own songs convey the personal interpretive mood of the best of acoustic blues, and is accomplished in a singular, arresting manner.
Journal of American Folklore, USA

With a whiskey-soaked voice and the ability to play almost anything with strings well Hans Theessink cooks up a tasty mix of originals and traditional blues. Each song is performed with a sparse yet funky sound.
New Music Report, USA