Songs From The Southland

CD: BG-0061


Hans Theessink: vocals, guitars, banjo, mandolin
Jon Sass: tuba
Danny Thompson: double bass
Linda Tillery & The Cultural Heritage Choir: backing vocals

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Hans Theessink is an international blues treasure. He is one of the world’s pre-eminent country pickers and his warm baritone expresses blues. Hans has evolved beyond the role of “revivalist” by taking his inspiration into the realm of re-interpretation, injecting Delta blues with a vibrance and energy that serves the masters well. In so doing, he does more than keep the blues flame burning: he pours gasoline all over it…..  
Eric Thom (Blues Revue, USA) Oct./Nov. 2003

Hans Theessink, the Dutch-born and Austrian-based singer and guitarist, has long been one of our finest blues revivalists. His latest, Songs from the Southland, is one of the best albums of traditional, acoustic blues that I’ve heard from anyone in years.
Mike Regenstreif (SING OUT, USA) Fall 2003

FÜNF STERNE  –  Hans Theessink’s fulminante Liebeserklärung an den Blues. Songmonumente von Robert Johnson, Leadbelly, Skip James, Mississippi John Hurt & Co. Reduziert bis auf die schimmernden Knochen. 
Kleine Zeitung, A, 9.3.2003

It’s an honor to the Delta blues and gospel tradition to have someone with Theessink’s experience demonstrating his sincere, humble, and grateful virtuosity. Thank you, Hans.
Nightflying: The Entertainment Guide, USA

An album that completely entranced me was Hans Theessink’s Songs from the Southland.
I let my eyes close, let the languid arrangements flow over me and felt the hot southern sun beat down, heard the workers in the field, saw the looks between workers and bosses and the glances between men and women, and smelled the sweat and sexual tension. Even the photo on the album’s back, a view of a cotton field baking in the sun, adds to the total impression. This is a splendid tribute album in the most creative sense, not just the replication of a bunch of old songs in the style of old artists.
Ron Eggleston (Capital Area Blues Society, USA) 2005.02

Nur mit Stimme und Gitarre vorgetragen, liefert Theessink ein atmosphärisches Meisterwerk ab, das Höchstmaß an wohliger Gänsehaut entwickelt. Die letzte “Gitarre/Stimme”-Platte, die mich ähnlich begeisterte, datiert von 1994, heißt “American Recordings” und stammt von Johnny Cash. Good job, Hans!  
CITY – Stadzeitung für Wien (A) 11.04.2003