Hans Theessink & Terry Evans
CD: BG-1720

180g Vinyl: BG 1710


Hans Theessink: voc. guitars
Terry Evans: voc. guitar
Richard Thompson: electric guitar
Phil Bloch: percussion
Bo Diddley: spoken comment


A match made in blues heaven!
Blues in Britain, UK

Visions brings together two deep blues voices. Hans Theessink, one of Europe’s most respected keepers of the genre, and Terry Evans, whose music carries the heritage of his Mississippi ancestors, connect here like soulmates united by music. The pairing of Theessink’s deep, emotive baritone with Evans’ gospel-colored tenor makes this record one of the year’s best acoustic outings.
Art Tipaldi , Blues Revue, USA, Dec./Jan.2009

ALBUM OF THE MONTH – Great songs, faultless musicianship This latest release from Theessink and Evans will blow your sonic socks off.
Living Sound (NZ)

Wesentlicher kann Blues dieser Spielart nicht sein.
Concerto (A)

In the stripped back world of VISIONS – a stunning mix of originals and classics – the respective strengths of both men shine through. From first note to last this is pure blues magic.
maverick magazine (UK)

Zwei tolle Blues Stimmen und zwei großartige Gitarren erzeugen einen phantastischen Blues.
Folkworld (D) Nov.2008

Sehr schönes, intensives Album mit Gänsehautfeeling.
Bear Family Records Mailorder (D)

Das Ergebnis dieser zwei Tage Workshop ist beeindruckend bis hinreißend. Da haben sich zwei Großmeister aller Roots Musik zusammengetan, um mit sonorem Bass-bariton Evergreens von Delta Blues bis Südstaaten-Soul vorzutragen, aber auch kollektive Songs aus eigener Feder.
Stereo (D)

Stereoplay Klangtipp – Er sang immer schon auf Augenhöhe mit farbigen US-Kollegen. Aber nun spielte Hans mit Terry (bekannt als Blues-Stimme von Ry Cooder) eine rundum süffige und gleichzeitig elegant fruchtige Unplugged-CD ein. Ihre zwei rauchig tiefen und barrique ausgebauten Stimmen klingen eindrucksvoll im Abgang.
Stereoplay (D)

Audiophile POP-CD des Monats – KLANG TIPP
Hans Theessink aus dem holländischen Enschede und Terry Evans aus Vicksburg im Mississippi-Delta sind Tiefländer, die ein tiefes Empfinden für die subtilen Farbfacetten der „blauen“ Gemütslage entwickeln können. Ihre starken Stimmen und virtuos gezupften Gitarren genügten den beiden für eine Tour de Force durch Blues-Klassiker und famose eigene Stücke.
Audio (D)

Bluesnews-Tipp – Und das ganze Liedgut kommt in eine Atmosphäre herüber, der man sich kaum entziehen kann. Zwei Typen beim jammen auf der Veranda, kurz bevor die Sonne den Rest des Tages an dem Mond abgibt.
Bluesnews (D)

Absolutely beautiful, bringing Terry on board was a stroke of genius. The melding of Hans‘ and Terry’s voices is truly rare beauty.
Al Jonusas, radio presenter, Keepin‘ it Blue, WRHC 106.7 FM (USA)

Die Chemie zwischen den Künstlern ist in jedem Ton spürbar, ihre Liebe zur Musik und ihr blindes Einverständnis machen „Visions“ zu einem intimen Meisterwerk.
Ars! Magazin (D)

These two vastly experienced and respected musicians are committed performers who are a perfect foil to each other on this very exciting and skilfully produced set – highly recommended and well worth hunting down.
Living Blues (USA)

A trans-Atlantic blues summit – just under an hour of cool, harmonious grooves. To call its relaxed ambience laid back would be an understatement. Completely unadorned, their acoustic takes on standards and originals are hushed and soul-soothing.
Rhythms (AUS)

Visions is a sublime album: Theessink’s lazy baritone (think a deeper Mark Knopfler) and Evans’ extraordinarily soulful gospel tones are tailor made to blend together with spine-tingling results.
Properganda (UK)

Visions is wonderful…definitely on my top 10 list for 2008. Less is more. And in this case…much more.
Big Joe Fitz, radio presenter “The Blues Break” WDST, Woodstock NY

Delta Soul – With a mix of covers and a handful of originals Hans Theesink and Terry Evans deliver a top-notch collection of bouncy Delta-style Blues. There’s a solid, warm sound to the whole disc, the result of rich, mellow vocals with acoustic guitar. The playful give and take between the two adds levity even to the heavier tracks.
BluesWax (USA)

Recorded in Los Angeles, this beautiful set presents the two vocalists with their remarkable voices in a stripped-down situation. Just two guitars, and two voices. And this works very well, indeed. Great release, soulful and profound. Recommended!!
Bear Family Records Mailorder (D)

Hans Theessink and Terry Evans are both on my list of the coolest voices I have ever heard in blues. Together, they have created a killer blues/vocal record! – as real and deep as the blues gets. An acoustic blues album of the year and you can quote me on that, the highest rank!
Przemek Draheim, radio presenter (PL)

Obviously, this is a dream combination and how could it fail? It doesn’t! Dutch-born Hans Theessink has long enjoyed a formidable reputation for making intelligent, soulful blues and roots music, and those who only know Mississippian Terry Evans for his sublime contributions to Ry Cooder’s music have been missing out on some of the most soulful music of the last couple of decades!
BluesArt (A)

Theessink and Evans, (of Ry Cooder fame) are no strangers to acoustic blues and soul. It’s a stripped down affair that lets them showcase some great guitar work and vocal play. It’s mostly covers of blues related and soul tunes that while timeless, come to live in the capable hands of these two masters. You won’t find a more pleasant listening experience then this one.
Village Records (USA)

Hans is a fine singer and superb guitarist, Terry a superb singer and capable guitarist. Visions fulfils a dream long-shared by friends and mutual admirers – to make a stripped-down, ‘2 voices and 2 guitars’ album. It’s warm, relaxed and beautifully recorded.
ABC (AUS), Doug Spencer, The Planet

Some of the best albums are stripped-back, live-in-studio affairs, with a glorious spontaneity. Theessink’s a Dutch, Delta-inspired guitarist with a gravelly, lived-in voice. Mississippi-born Evans’s gospel-flavoured vocals backed some of Ry Cooder’s best records. The duo put down the 13 tracks in just two days and deliver them with an almost palpable sense of enjoyment. Tributes abound, from J. B Lenoir, to Memphis Slim, Big Bill Broonzy, Muddy Waters and Bo Diddley (the latter has an affectionate spoken snippet). Among standouts are Fats Domino’s `Let The Four Winds Blow’ (featuring guest Richard Thompson’s elegant electric guitar riffs) and an arresting `At The Dark End of the Street’. `Visions’ is a revelatory blues album.
Mike Daly, The Age – Green Guide (AUS) 5 STARS

Im Songprogramm stehen neben eigenen Titeln bekannte Bluesklassiker, denen die zwei mit ihrem außergewöhnlichen Gespür für diese Musik frisches Leben einhauchen. Ein Album ohne Hektik, voller Seele. Kurzum: Ein Genuss von Anfang bis Ende.
ROCKS magazine (D)

Es ist dieses unglaubliche Gefühl des Zusammenwirkens, diese Magie für Sounds, die ihren Ursprung im pechschwarzen Mississippi-Delta hat. Güteklasse
1. Dolomiten-Magazin (I) mai 2008

I've very much enjoyed listening to this album on my summer vacation and, while there is always a serious edge to Theessink's music, there are also many light hearted moments such as an exuberant 'Glory of Love' which shows what fun they must have had making 'Visions'. Praise also for the sonic quality of the recording and for producing an album you could play in any company! Highly recommended.
Blues In The South (UK)

Everybody who knows the pedigree of these musicians, knows what they are capable to do. ‘Visions’ meets all expectations. Theessink as well as Evans are blessed with warm, dark voices. Hans sings tight and Terry rather loose and this is a very pleasant combination to listen to. All in all a constant, great CD, which will especially suit the admirers of more sedate music. As soon as I hear this music I want to sit down and listen to it, while enjoying a good glass of red wine. A beautiful record it is.
Bobtje Blues (B)

Visions is a fantastic album. The 2 artists together makes sense as a natural combination, and they certainly proved it beyond any doubt.  Simple, unprocessed and unadorned with studio trickery, yet it stands above most recordings because of the honest and straightforward power they bring forth in their music.
Steve Cagle, radio presenter "Blues Spectrum", KVMR FM, Nevada City CA

For blues fans this is a transatlantic match made in heaven. VISIONS catches both vocalists/guitarists at the top of their game.
Sing Out! (USA)

Recorded in just two days is this fabulous record by two tremendous singers;  Hans Theessink and Terry Evans may be from separate sides of the Atlantic Ocean but when together they work together beautifully. It is clear throughout this CD that the duo have a mutual respect and their voices complement each other beautifully.  The sound is very relaxed and their infectious enjoyment cascades from the speakers.  As well as sharing the guitar and vocal duties with Evans, Theessink also plays the sweet harmonica and it is his foot that you can hear marking the time and driving the duo forwards. Both Evans and Theessink are well known for their audiophile recordings and, in this sense, this record will not disappoint.  The sound, the balance, the warmth and the ambience in the record is just perfect.  Even listening on my portable device at highbitrate MP3 using my Shure SE310s, the production is simply stunning.
Blues in the northwest (UK)

The combination of voices and originals mixed with oldies yields an unhurried vibe that's contagious and flows with the easy rhythm of buddies with mutual respect having a blast playing together. This feels pretty close to what you'd hear if these two sat down on their back porch with a few beers without the tapes running.
Hal Horowitz, All Music (USA)

A joyful collision of love for the music is audible as Evans’ sweet, gospel-kissed soul offsets Theessink’s deep baritone, laid against an authentic acoustic backdrop led by Theessink’s deft skills on National steel, locking into rhythmic grooves that quickly define the dynamic chemistry of this delightful pairing.
Penguin Eggs (Can)

Visions is a superbly crafted project that allows the combined talent of Theessink and Evans to shine throughout the recording. Using the simple guitar & vocal format, they manage to inject life into every track, even the well-worn classics. Be sure to give this compelling gem a serious listen.
Crossroads Blues Society, Northern Ilinois (USA)

Hans sings in what I call a cool Delta style-airy and ethereal yet with a deep connection he’s learned from many pilgrimages.  Hans’ guitar is sublimity with deft picking, smooth sliding and the smoothness of Mississippi river silt. Terry is the gospel inspired R&B master who growls and howls. His axe is no less sublime in its chugging rhythmicity and definitive roots feel that captures the cycles of seasons, rhythms and sounds of his Delta upbringing. The whole thing is cool and hot, smooth and sincere with real blue Delta, filled and infused with soul and art.
Long Island Blues Society, Dr.Blues (USA)

Theessink & Evans lassen beim musizieren Seele und Töne baumeln und führen entspannte Gespräche mit Stimmen und Gitarren.
Wiener Zeitung (A)

Ein Gipfeltreffen auf der Veranda, im Schaukelstuhl – eine echte Lehrstunde in Sachen ‘laid back’-Gefühl. – Der Klang ist einmal mehr so hervorragend, wie man’s von Theessink-Alben seit Jahren gewohnt ist!
Connaisseur Mailorder (D)

Diese Qualität, die im Gefühl der urigsten schwarzen Musik fußt aber trotzdem in sehr ansprechenden, modernen Klangbild daher kommt. Es ist eines dieser Alben die unkopierbar sind, weil sie von ihrer Aura leben.
mcc (I)

Hans Theessink und Terry Evans geben jedem Titel die richtige Portion Gefühl und vor allen Dingen hervorragendes Timing mit auf den Weg. Diese CD ist meiner ganz persönlichen Meinung nach, eines der besten Blues-Alben der letzten Jahre.
hifibelzer (D)

Dass sie Vollprofis sind, stellen die beiden Blueser auf „Visions“ eindrucksvoll unter Beweis. So muss Blues klingen: virtuos traurig, reif und authentisch. Wem der zeitgenössische Neo-Blues dieser Tage zu steril und uninspiriert ist, dem sei die zu Tränen rührende Sentimentalität dieses Albums wärmstens ans Herz gelegt.
News (A)

Theessink hat mit Terry Evans ein fantastisches Album eingespielt, für das die Fans Danke sagen. Mit 13 großartigen Songs, die davon leben, dass sie keiner Mode gehorchen müssen, weil sie stets in Mode sind. Blues ist keine Zeiterscheinung, der man so schnell einmal begegnet, um sie dann aus den Augen zu verlieren. Blues ist Lebensphilosophie, musikalische Kraft. Theessink Und Evans haben sie.
OÖNachrichten, Kopfhörer, (A)

,,Visions‘‘ wurde ein unvergleichliches Bluesalbum, gefühlvoll, ehrlich und original handmade. Neue Kärntner Tageszeitung (A) Roots Blues vom Feinsten, dargeboten von zwei besonderen Ausnahmemusikern. Die beiden dunklen Stimmen harmonieren dabei ebenso prächtig miteinander wie das absolut songdienliche und dennoch dezent virtuose Gitarrenspiel.
WOHIN…in Wien (A)

5 Sterne Auf VISIONS graben die beiden Herren tief in den Sümpfen des Mississippi nach den Wurzeln des Rock'n'Roll. Richtig tolle eigene Songs wechseln sich mit für zwei Gitarren arrangierten Covers. Genial! Abgerundet wird all dies von einzigartigem Gesang und hörbarem Spaß am Spiel. Begeisterung macht sich breit, “Visions“ ist Pflicht!