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Concerts in June & July

A light at the end of the tunnel

Hans Theessink Birthday Bash 2021

Friday, April 9th and Saturday, April 10th, 2021

Here’s a song from headquarters

„Jesus Coming Soon“, by Texan gospel blues singer Blind Willie Johnson, deals with the Spanish Flue

Nomination for Amadeus Austria Music Award 2020

Hans Theessink was nominated for an Amadeus Austrian Music Award 2020 in the category Jazz/World/Blues!★★★★★
Lasse Jörgensen

Hans Theessink & Knud Møller - Blues Fretboard Wizardry

Dutch Bluesmaster Theessink and Danish Guitarstar Møller on tour in DK, A and CH. ★★★★★

Hans Theessink 70 Birthday Bash

Hans Theessink has been on the road for over 50 years and feels blessed that he was able to make this musical journey, often accompanied by a wonderful extended family of music makers.